Damaraland and its unique rockart


huab-lodge-rock-engravingsAt Huab Lodge there are several more activities to do. Nowhere else in Namibia will you find more rock paintings than in the Damaraland Region.  Some shards and old tools can be found that were used by the San people hundreds of years ago.







Stargazing at Namibia's night sky


huab-lodge-stargazingIf you are interested in stargazing just before the sun comes up is often a good time. Because of the remote location of the lodge there is no light pollution at night whichgives you the opportunity to have a better view of the stars than anywhere else in the world. There is a telescope available so you can take a look at Saturn's rings or Jupiter's moons or wonder at the bright colours of the Jewel Box in the Southern Cross.




Namibia for photographers


huab-lodge-photographySo many phtotographers come to Namibia to experience and photograph its vast landscapes and pristine scenery. And it is the same for the birds. Not only bird watchers but bird photographers come to Huab Lodge to take pictures of some birds you won't find as easily anywhere else. Make use of the hide just below the main house to take pictures of some special bird species.